General FAQs

Are you adding new templates to the library?

Yes! We intend to grow the library of templates available within Bookmocks. We are planning to add a new category of templates tailored for Instagram next.

Why are there watermarks in the preview?

Watermarks helps protect several stakeholders involved in the whole process. It protects existing customers as if its absent, templates that they have paid for can be abused by anyone on the internet. It also protects the photographers of the templates from having their work abused in ways that is not desirable to them. Finally, it protects this website as it promotes serious customers by encouraging them to buy the generated mockup.

The watermark is only applied on the preview image and is not a part of the final mockup image that you download after you have bought the mockup.

What file formats can I upload?

Bookmocks currently supports standard image file formats like .JPG, .JPEG, .PNG and .TIFF. If there is a format that you would like it to support that is currently not supported, please send a request at

What am I allowed to use the exported images for?

All generated mockup images are royalty free for use in personal and commercial projects. You can modify the image to your liking so that it can fit your project.

You are not allowed, however, to resell or redistribute exported images as new mockups or images themselves. Bookmocks is not legally liable for any misuse of these images.

My image is not uploading. What can I do?

Check the format and the size of the image. You can upload standard image files, such as .JPG or .PNG. If it is still not working send the image to and we will help you out.