👋🏼 I’m Rajat. I run Bookmocks.

Bookmocks is indie software i.e. built by just one guy, me.

Bookmocks is a passion project. I started it because I fell in love with making books but like most other authors, I found promoting books very hard. Once you have poured your heart into writing your book, how do you promote it effectively?

One of the most challenging things for me in book promotion was to find good looking imagery for it. I would prepare endless social media content but all of it would use a single image which was often just my book’s cover image. Using the same image over and over again causes your audience to tune out your posts and not notice your book.

Savvy authors use fresh images to promote their book and they do it via book mockups.

Book mockups are photorealistic images that frame your book in a scene and are ideal to set the mood for your social media posts. The problem in getting mockups though is that it requires lots of time and money as you often have to hire a professional graphic designer.

There are certainly tools out there (like Photoshop, Canva) that you can use yourselves to save on time and money but most of these tools require you to have knowledge of graphic design. They are designer friendly, not author friendly.

So I decided to make an easier, affordable and author friendly tool, Bookmocks - a better tool so that I can get back to doing what I love more, making books.